Volunteer with TransVisibility and move the vision forward

it seems the original set of volunteers got busy and are unable to fulfil their respective roles. I am now looking for volunteers to help move the TransVisibility.com vision of global unity and acceptance forward. Bloggers, Writers, assistant editors, and an executive editor positions are all available. So stop sitting on the sidelines and make a positive difference. Or if you are already involved in the community, we would love your help over at the TransVisibility Camp.
moderators are also being sought for http://www.TGender.com a 100% free transgender specific support, social networking and Dating website. Yes you read right, 100 % free. No charge for anything, including chat.
if you are interested, drop me a note via the contact page

Recovery - Day 2

I woke up this morning sore, uncomfortable, and grumpy. I slept rather restlessly because it was very difficult to get comfortable. As soon as I was awake I retrieved a fresh bag of ice from the freezer, brushed my teeth, and sat back into bed on the ice. I feel gross.

Cincinatti F2M teacher fired for educating his students

A student teacher from Wilmington College was fired from his placement at Hillsboro High School, in January 2012. In th reasoning for termination, the Hillsboro school district superintendent based the dismissal on an alleged violation of the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for district teachers.