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it seems the original set of volunteers got busy and are unable to fulfil their respective roles. I am now looking for volunteers to help move the TransVisibility.com vision of global unity and acceptance forward. Bloggers, Writers, assistant editors, and an executive editor positions are all available. So stop sitting on the sidelines and make a positive difference. Or if you are already involved in the community, we would love your help over at the TransVisibility Camp.
moderators are also being sought for http://www.TGender.com a 100% free transgender specific support, social networking and Dating website. Yes you read right, 100 % free. No charge for anything, including chat.
if you are interested, drop me a note via the contact page

Daphne_Shaed's blog


I am being assaulted by time right now. Everyone that knows me knows how I feel about temporal constructivism. Time is constraining and forceful, to me it is a cage that attempts to bind me into submission. I escape and evade it all costs.

Not fast enough!

Since making the leap into transition to effect a more positive, happy, and viable state of being I have had to deal with many issues that arose along the way, some were forecast, others were not.


I bought a corset in the new year. My intention was to tightlace and alter my body morphology. The HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) has had an impact on slight changes things such as; fat distribution, muscle mass decrease, and softening and thinning of my skin.