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it seems the original set of volunteers got busy and are unable to fulfil their respective roles. I am now looking for volunteers to help move the TransVisibility.com vision of global unity and acceptance forward. Bloggers, Writers, assistant editors, and an executive editor positions are all available. So stop sitting on the sidelines and make a positive difference. Or if you are already involved in the community, we would love your help over at the TransVisibility Camp.
moderators are also being sought for http://www.TGender.com a 100% free transgender specific support, social networking and Dating website. Yes you read right, 100 % free. No charge for anything, including chat.
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I am being assaulted by time right now. Everyone that knows me knows how I feel about temporal constructivism. Time is constraining and forceful, to me it is a cage that attempts to bind me into submission. I escape and evade it all costs. I am never late for anything, I always arrive exactly when I get there. I do not take too long to get ready, because I do not limit myself, I am ready when I am finished getting ready. I am ageless. Others, however, subscribe to time and I must, with objection, abide by their restrictions.

As of now I have 253 days until I can qualify for SRS surgery in BC. I will patiently abide by this temporal prerequisite; I have suffered in my current state for what seems like an eternity. I am ready for surgery, I am prepared for surgery, I am excited to wake in the mornings and see my ideal self congruent with my real self. I imagine and I dream of my female body.

The surgery scares me, any surgery is a little scary. I have a good tolerance to pain, which will help me through this process. I am good at establishing regimens in my daily routines, which will help me care for my new vulva. I am thankful that I will have many friends coming with me to Montreal to be there for me.

I love Wendy. She has been here for me every step in this journey. I would not be here if it was not for her support.

The hormones are doing their job. I feel great! Everyday I feel good, I feel calm, I feel energized, I feel at ease with myself. Although I still have little moments of depression and thoughts of self harm, it is few and far between, and no longer a daily struggle for me to get through my day. Still, I have found that my discomfort with my genitals has increased because I know they will be altered soon, I try not to think about it too much.

School is going very well. I am writing and creating a few workshops that will take place over the next few months. I am excited about the DIY Gynecology workshop next month, it should be interesting.

Next week I talk to a Human Health and Sexuality class, I am looking forward to that.

My breasts are growing. They are sore everyday! I am happy that they are sore, that means they are growing. I am filling up my b-cup bra now. My skin is very soft. My body hair has turned blonde and wispy. My libido is still up and down, which is difficult at times. I find that I am needing to cuddle a lot to balance things out, luckily I have very cuddly friends who like to mutually cuddle.

I have a very busy weekend, a lot of work to do, both for school and my own projects. I hope all of you are well. 

Daphne <3

 Wendy Darling, Daphne Shaed