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Ok I guess it does seem odd for me to be asking this question out here when I could just send an email to Daphne and ask directly. This question has been rolling around in my head for awhile.

I know there are several very serious hurdles and concerns to overcome. There is the obvious child creation aspect that is lost from M2F but there is always adoption, plus one could always freeze their sperm for use later. (wild how science has changed)

But how about sexual pleasure? With all that cutting I am wondering what kind of effect that would have on sexual pleasure? Depending on the sexual orientation of the individual, there is also the issue of penetration depth and where does everything go, for lack of better wording.

I dunno, I just thought I would start this off with a bang and since these questions were in my mind...
So... Over to you Daphne and readers alike

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Last week while I was sitting in bed and wondering whether or not my libido had been lost with the removal of my testicles I was suddenly aroused while texting ma chérie. I was afraid that my libido was reliant on the testosterone production to function, but, happily it is not. And now, 2 weeks post castration my libido is as strong as it ever was.

In the middle of a texting conversation, as above, I put the phone down, feeling aroused I put my hand under the covers to find that Mrs. Johnson was wide awake at this late hour. My arm brushed against my nipple and I was shaken with a tremor of elation! Hedonism is under-rated! It had been some time since I explored my body, and it has changed since the last time I ventured on such a tour of self-indulgence.

I investigated, surveyed, tweaked, touched, played with, hunted, probed, and satiated my body's need for release from sexual frustration bred from inactivity. My orgasm crescendo seemed to be traveling into perpetuity, until it was interrupted by diminuendo!

There was only a millilitre or so if ejaculate, probably what was remaining in the now severed spermacord. The orgasm was however, the most intense and long lasting orgasm I have ever had, and the after glow lasted for an extended period of time. I laid my head to sleep in the glimmer of fruition.


Cage and I had our first post castration sexual encounter. My confidence held by my previous nights indulgence. Foreplay was long, subtle at first and growing in intensity as the minutes passed. Hands gently smoothing away the days stresses, senses scouting and feeling the now familiar landmarks of our mutual bodies. Delicate kisses remain as our un-pursed sojourn lips caress until being overcome by passion and intensity. Our loving bodies transcend and prorogue the temporal continuance of our universe.

Penetration occurs, gently, delicately. Hands clenching sheets and pressed lips want to gasp, bodies quiver, tremble with delight and loving amusement...rhythm leads to anticipation, crescendo, and then...reluctant, spontaneous, uncalculated explosion of flesh and emotion, contentment, elation, tears puddle in the soft corners of my eyes, cannot breathe deep enough, then sudden release...my body and affect are mine again and I lay abound in afterglow...we wrap tightly, legs and arms, and gracefully, quietly fall into each others dreams until awaking still tangled in one another come the morning.

<3 Daphne Shaed

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I just meant after all is said and done and penis becomes vagina. I guess I'm just wondering more out of a scientific approach, didn't really need a verbally graphic description of your last wank. Google might just kill our ad codes for that lol (happened with my wife's erotica site)

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So I misinterpretted your original query, now I present the answer you seek.

The glans and anterior part of the corpus cavernosum urethrae are the constituent cavernous cylinders of the penis. The glans terminating at the distal end of the penis and are ventral along the shaft of the penis. The glans in the male penis are similar in tissue and construction to the female clitoris, which is why modern SRS doctors use the glans in SRS clitoplasty. This mean, essentially, the post SRS woman will have complete availability to nerve stimulation that will culminate in orgasm.
Due to the addition of hormones, like estrogen, and the lack of testosterone, the nerve stimulation of the glans, ever pre-opertaive to SRS, will be different that that of a pathological male orgasm. Instead, transwomen will experience an orgasm that will more closely be identified with the pathology of a natal female.

The difference, for me, is very recognizable. There is a stark contrast between pre and post castration. The absence of the testosterone (recent blood work: 0.3pmol/L) has completely altered the landscape of my orgasms and sexually related pleasure.

The combination of hormones and anatomy both play a role in sexual stimulation. It varies widely per person. I was warned that if my libido was influenced heavily by hormones, then I might loose it after castration. Thankfully my libido is more centric to my brain, and therefore I only experienced a slight decline in libido. This varies from person to person however.
If you have further questions, then do not hestitate to ask.
<3 Daphne Shaed

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I've been on hormones (Estradiol and spironolatone [spermnomore? lol]) for a little over 3 years. For me, I never worried about loss of sexual pleasure/activity, because I wasn't doing this for sex: [i]I was doing it to save my life![/i] I was (and still am) non-op, simply because financially, it's not an option for me.
But when I met the woman who later became my wife, things got weird. REALLY weird! I was still ejaculating during orgasms (hadn't started hormones yet), but they weren't the typical genital-centered spasms I was used to as a male. They were whole-body orgasms, and they didn't stop with just one. Oh, sure--the erection subsided, but I found more and more I was able to have multiple orgasms.

Now that I'm on hormones, those pesky erections have [i]finally[/i] gone away, as have those sticky messy ejaculations. But the orgams continue, and my now-defunct penis is just as sensitive as ever to stimulation. Not surprising, when you consider that it is what starts as the clitoris in a fetus, before the testosterone bath screws things up. So, in short, I am a VERY happy camper (campette?), and just as important, so is my wife.

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Interesting, so the hormones changed the way your orgasms felt? I'm still happy being a guy, but it is just interesting knowledge.

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Surgery is not perfect and there are many surgeons and many body types its hard to say how you will feel post-op. As for RobynJane's comment, I think I feel the same way - that this change is/wasn't just a matter of sex or sexual pleasure. Its sad that surgery is not an option to everyone and neither is adoption. Due to a criminal record after being punched in the face from a mental health program. The mental health program blocked my transition efforts and treated me like I was crazy. My life is much better without their involvement.

Having been on hormones I noticed a change in my sexuality as well as slow physical changes. I was able to masturbate w/o erections before and after hormones. So all I can say is that my experience may not be the same as yours. In the end this is your decision, for you ONLY, not to fit into societies' ONLY two choices for gender... the truth is that some might want to be or stay hermaphrodites. Those surgeries should be available in America. - Should you cut off your clit to spite your vagina?

PS> I liked Daphne_Shaed's comments since they were graphic, informative, and genuine.

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