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I woke up this morning sore, uncomfortable, and grumpy. I slept rather restlessly because it was very difficult to get comfortable. As soon as I was awake I retrieved a fresh bag of ice from the freezer, brushed my teeth, and sat back into bed on the ice. I feel gross. I was told that I may experience some water gain immediately after surgery, but it will pass. I am bloated.

After sitting on the ice pack for an hour I went and weighed myself. I am keeping track of my body measurements to log the changes in muscle mass, weight, and other variables to monitor physical effects of the castration on myself. I weighed in 10 pounds heavier than my previous days weight, taken only 18hours prior. This is somewhat depressing, I know it is water gain, but nonetheless, I am a little upset about this gain.

My friends are coming up soon to collect me, and we are off to lunch. I also have to buy black pants for my new job. I am working at a hotel as a front desk person. I am hoping this will be a decent full-time job to carry me through the summer and into the fall when I return to school. I need the money, I need to save as well, so I can move out as soon as possible to Victoria. I do far too much driving, and would love to have a short drive, or even a bus ride to work and school.

We went to Duncan and found pants and then went to a nice place for lunch. I was happy to see my lovely Cage and Tryce too. I can not seem to shake this depressed feeling today. I guess it is just being overtired, on medications, and being in an uncomfortable living situation.

We drove back to Cobble Hill and we all hugged and said our good-byes. My friends headed back to Victoria. I instantly missed them. I went inside the house and was greeted by drama. I went about my own projects and tried to say nothing.

I did some sewing, went for a walk, and updated some media. I had a long shower and washed around my incision carefully. It seems to be healing nicely. It is still sore, and I am still experiencing cramps. I am hoping tomorrow will be better. For now, I am going to go and try and distract myself with some sort of entertainment programming, probably a cooking show, they are fun and easy to forget.

I weighed myself again tonight and I had lost the 10 pounds over the course of the day. This was a little good news before bed. I went pee about 30 times today, so I must have just peed that 10 pounds right out.

Well, it is time for bed. Tomorrow I am off to Victoria, I am thinking I will go to the gym in the morning and just walk on the treadmill, then do some office work at Camosun Pride. My boss is suppose to call me tomorrow and let me know what my hours are. Goodnight everyone.

<3 Daphne Shaed

Daphne Shaed and Cage Shai

Recovery - Day 2